Mobile Filtration Skid Rental

Solve your water quality problems with a rental filtration skid.


During periods of hot weather and minimal rainfall we understand a number of water quality problems can arise in the short to medium term, as mothballed resources are brought back on line and low water levels cause havoc with existing resources.

Ensure your customers continue to receive excellent quality water through the use of mobile filtration skid units. A range of configurable skids now available to rent from Amazon Filters.



Flexible rental terms – Only pay as and when your filtration skid is required.


Designed to be configured to solve problems such as high levels of turbidity, chlorine and cryptosporidium contamination, giving you a ‘plug and play’ solution to mitigate problems in these challenging scenarios.


No need to invest capital into equipment that may be sitting idle for most of the year.


Our solution provides excellent contingency as water companies aim to meet the demands from the Environment Agency and the DWI by providing quality drinking water supplied through the challenging summertime. Speak with our friendly team today and find out how Amazon Filters can help with your water shortage planning.

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